1. Copy your invitation code.

You must be invited to Flourish. Your will receive your invitation code together with your invitation message. It will be a 6 character long random string with numbers and letters.

2. Add Flourish Bot in Facebook Work Chat.

Open your Work Chat App. Search for ”Flourish Workplace” or find it directly in the list.


3. Send a message to Flourish

After adding the bot, type ”Hello” in the chat. The bot will respond with a message asking you for an invitation code:

4. Reply with your code

Type the code you copied in step 1 as a message to Flourish. Be sure to type it exactly like in the message sent to you.

5. All done!

If the code is correct, Flourish will add you to your team together with your other colleagues. Flourish will also show you a short introduction on how the bot works.