Employee feedback made actionable, accurate and personalized.

Flourish is workforce analytics but instant and seamless, helping you to make better people decisions.

Do you think it’s challenging with workforce analytics and metrics?

Yeah 😰

Still wanna take date-driven people decisions?

For sure!

Are you afraid of losing irreplaceable employees?

Would you have loved to increase employee productivity?

We got you covered 😎

Don’t worry, Flourish the feedback bot helps managers and HR to make sense of their employee feedback and gather actionable insights and trends. Flourish asks what it needs to understand, nothing more nothing less.


Communication, simplified!

Flourish the feedback bot automates communication and helps HR and managers to keep feedback living. Basically it’s one-to-one conversations, but at scale!


Email surveys? No more!

Instead of forms, employees share their feedback through chat. When chatting in a familiar conversational interface Flourish get personalized replies with tangible data.


Take action✌

Feedback without instant response is not feedback. Through our web portal we provide managers with a tool to take action and close feedback loops, in a world class manner. A servant leadership style whom taking your workforce to the next level.

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Your analytical assistant!

Why have data if you’re not gonna analyze it? Flourish helps you to point out your metrics of success and assist you in the analysis. Couldn’t be simpler!




per user per month

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Unlimited no. of packages

Chatbot-managed conversations with your employees. Drive engagement, improve teamwork, increase productivity etc.

Feedback web portal

A seamless feedback management tool. Close loops, take action and praise good suggestions.

Analytical assistant

Chatbot and AI put together form a small but significant step in revolutionizing HR-analytics. Experience it!

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