A pioneering feedback tool for teams

Flourish makes feedback actionable and personalized, helping teams to make better people decisions!

Flourish, for Hanna and her team

This is Hanna, a team leader. Whether she’s responsible for one person or a whole team, being a team leader is not easy. Except of doing her own duties she needs to show her team gratitude, genuinely listen to team members ideas and be a present leader.

But behind a successful team leadership lies one thing that is more important than anything else, your amont of team participation.

That’s why we created Flourish, so h
ang with us & keep scrolling…?  


So, what is Flourish?

Flourish the feedback bot helps team leaders and HR to make sense of their team members feedback and gather actionable insights and trends.

Basically, Flourish does three things:

  • Oversee that team members feel participation & engagement
  • Make team leaders more present & suggest problem solving solutions
  • Help CEO/HR to monitor team progress

Hey! How are you doing?

Hi Flourish! Quite good thank you.

? Regarding the work climate in your team, how do you think that the past work-week has been? 1 = ? 10 = ?


I see. Could you possibly come up with one concrete action your team members could do to enhance the work climate?

For sure? Right now we're totally self-centric. I suggest that we schedule two hours where we review obstacles in our individual projects. That would, certainly, increase team-helpfulness!

Email surveys? No more!

Instead of forms, the team share their feedback & ideas through a chat. When chatting in a familiar conversational interface, like Facebook Messenger or Slack, Flourish get personalized replies with tangible data.

Your team members simply add Flourish as a friend in Facebook Messenger or add the Flourish App in Slack and then you’re ready to go?


Feedback, simplyfied & automated!

From our perspective, feedback needs to be much more actionable. Therefore, we made Flourish Bot ask what it needs to understand, nothing more nothing less. It automates feedback and makes it living. Basically it’s like a one-to-one conversation, but at scale!

The picture is showing one example of how a conversation with Flourish looks like?


Pick your area of improvement

As a user of Flourish-system you:

  1. Pick your area of improvement & action.
  2. Schedule it when it suits you & your team.
  3. Let Flourish start chatting and collect actionable feedback.

We have created packages of questions that is truly team-centric. Except of measuring engagement and satisfaction rate Flourish will help you to decrease stress levels, increase teamwork, enhance decision-making or gather feedback about how your team can become more creative. All our packages is validated, based on many years of science and experience.

The picture is showing examples of question-packages that you can choose between?


Adding value, not administration

Based upon our experience from hundreds of customer experience-tools we’ve created a feedback management system, that will help you to deliver the employee experience you always wished for. The Chatbox makes it possible to (systematically and frequent) act and react on ideas and suggestions from team members.

Flourish feedback management-system is seamless and outstanding effiecient, and makes you to a present and engaging team leader.


Solution Loop?

On top of everything else we provide you with our greatest innovation of them all, the Solution Loop. Even if it’s important to systematically measure that your team thrive and team members enjoy their job, that is not the hardest thing to do. What’s hard is to find a solution when things not work out as wanted and you have problem with team member engagement and satisfaction.

Flourish Solution Loop uses AI and network effect to provide you with tangible solutions, right at your hand, when you need them the most. You have never seen anything like this before, so schedlue a demo and we present it for you!



For one team that want to collect feedback and enhance teamwork with confidence.
Per employee, per month. Paid with credit card ? Period of notice 1 month. (2 week free trial).

Create a better team with features like:

  • Chat-channel: FB Messenger or Slack
  • Free amount of chat-packages
  • Full chatbox functionality
  • Solution loop & task management
  • Monthly team leader report
Business unit
Business unit
For several teams that wants to collect feedback, enhance teamwork and compare progress with each other.
Per employee, per month. Billed (upfront) for 3 month at a time + onboarding fee. Period of notice 3 month.

Everything in Team, plus:

  • Advanced metrics analysis
  • Monthly business unit report
  • Annually billing to one admin
For organizations that need additional support and control.
On request
Contact us and provide us with further information.

Everything in Business unit, plus:

  • Chat-channel: What’s requested
  • Data export & integration
  • Custom branding
  • Priority support & customer success

Contact us!

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