Flourish Feedback: from seed to success

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Collage with pictures from Mårten's time in California

“With many years of experience and startup energy, Flourish helps leaders and teams blossom to their full potential.”

– Mårten Andersson, CEO & Founder, Flourish

The first seed for Flourish began to sprout in California in the USA when Mårten Andersson, one of the company’s founders, lived in Sacramento where he studied Human Resource Management at California State University. In his studies, he realized that the view of personnel issues differed greatly between Sweden and the United States.

The American view of HR work was rooted in measurability, results and hard facts with clear requirements that all work should lead to business success. The contrasts to the Swedish model were perceived as big. Here, the connection to financial results has traditionally been less clear, soft values ​​have been rewarded and decisions have been made on gut feeling rather than analysis. Mårten thought about how these two angles could be combined into a golden middle way where the well-being of employees was a central starting point, but with measurability and financial success as the end goal.

HR tech & Innovative leadership

During his time in the USA, Mårten also had the opportunity to carry out both shorter and longer study visits to a number of global tech companies, all of which are considered to be at the forefront of both leadership and HR. These visits to Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft reinforced the image that executives and HR departments, worldwide, have a lot to learn from these innovative companies.

Mårten outside Microsoft
Innovative leadership among the tech giants

Digital tools for managers

Above all, it was the use of digital aids to strengthen the work environment that impressed. The companies’ “born global approach” had in many cases forced them to independently develop the tools that managers needed to pursue successful leadership at a distance. The tools were used for performance management and competence development but also feedback collection.

Feedback for the future

The latter, the feedback collection, took place frequently, systematically, team-oriented and with a strong focus on small improvements. This aroused new thoughts for Mårten and his previous thoughts about well-being and goal management began to blossom into a concrete business idea.

Flourish helps leaders grow

Once back home in Sweden, Mårten came in contact with Ulf Larsson and Jonas Malmberg at the Halmstad company Quicksearch. For over 25 years, these veterans in organizational development have helped companies with customer and employee surveys through feedback. Quicksearch saw that the market was developing rapidly and that new, agile tools were needed. When Mårten’s idea of ​​a simple and team-oriented feedback solution met their experiences and insights, it became a “perfect match”. Together, the trio further developed the product idea, invested resources and formed Flourish, which since then has aimed to quickly, smoothly and easily help leaders and their teams to flourish to their full potential.

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