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How fun that you should start using Flourish! Flourish you quickly integrate into the desired chat tool such as Messenger, Microsoft Teams or Slack. In the video below is a quick walkthrough to facilitate your installation and start-up at Flourish. Some key points to know about using Flourish:

  1. The feedback collection in Flourish is anonymous.
  2. Flourish should not replace the dialogue between manager and employee, it should enhance the dialogue.
  3. Flourish is, above all, created for employees for their chance to share their opinions and influence everyone’s common work environment.
  4. Flourish is a complement to the annual, large employee survey, which is often carried out. With fast & short measurements, the teams can, together, act before small things have time to become big problems.
  5. Flourish as a product is simple, fast and modern.

A warm welcome as a user of Flourish!

(SWE) Flourish medarbetarintro:

(ENG) Flourish Employee Introduction:

Still curious about Flourish? Watch the video:

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