Evidence-based and tested

With Flourish you get access to a research-based question catalog with over 100 different chat conversations in focus areas that cover the entire work environment spectrum. The basis for our questions is based on Swedish and international research and developed with the help of leading HR experts.

flourish leadership and commitment HR team
flourish leadership and commitment

With the Team in focus

In relation to other feedback and survey tools, Flourish is more clearly focused on the individual and team levels. Flexible functions for overview at the organizational level are included in the software, but the starting point is the employees, the team, and its leaders.

That we have chosen this approach is partly based on the fact that surveys have shown clear trends towards a changing labor market where decentralized organizational models with autonomous and self-governing teams may take greater place.

Researchers further believe that the teams even in more traditional organizations is often a catalyst for organizational development. In this, the team leader is critical in being able to meet changes in the world around him through agile control.

We believe in the common power of individuals to change. At Flourish, this philosophy permeates everything we do. From how our Question Areas, Focus Areas are structured to how we work with implementation at our customers. Namely, we believe that both managers ‘and employees’ working hours are too expensive to be forced into a tool from above that is not desired. Instead, we work with organic onboarding at team level where committed managers inevitably become ambassadors when they see the value that the tool brings.

Small gains show the way

As a leader, you can sometimes feel locked into problem focusing and conflict management. Understanding the challenges that employees and the team as a whole have is of course crucial to success, but at the same time, it is easy to forget about all the progress that happens daily!

At Flourish, we have taken note of this and see it as one of the keys to building an effective and committed team. Flourish Chatbot adapts to the answers it receives and, based on the positive psychology, it chooses to focus on, highlight and clarify the small gains if it notices that the team is strong in a certain area.

flourish leadership and commitment
flourish leadership and commitment

To flourish

Flourish, to flourish, is a concept sprung from positive psychology and is about building well-being and satisfaction in private life as well as at work,

In an extension of the concept of Flourish, Martin Seligman developed a model for how to achieve this balance of satisfaction. He calls it the P.E.R.M.A and constitutes five building blocks, each of which is crucial to well-being in the working life.

The large catalog of Questions and Focus Areas, packaged in flexible Flourish Chats, has taken much of its focus and structure from this model, where all the building blocks are represented in a number of different subjects.

Positive emotions

People set higher goals and challenge themselves more when they feel happy and experience positive emotions.
In this building block, the focus is on: How is the atmosphere in your team? How do you give positive feedback to each other? Do you work actively to reduce stressors? Is the division of work in the team fair and deadlines reasonable? Is there a sense of hope or optimism? Do you have fun together? Is there transparency in the decision-making?


Commitment and flow are the keys to performance and development.
In this building block, the focus is on: Do people have the chance to do what they do best? Do they get the chance to use their strengths and work in their “sweet spot”? Is anyone bored in their role? Do employees have a chance to work focused with few breaks?


Research shows, time and time again, that the relationship with colleagues is crucial for a prosperous team.
In this building block, the focus is on: Does the team work as a group or as individuals? Do you care about each other? Are you exploring opportunities for coaching or mentoring? Are you actively working to improve collaboration between different functions?


If the work feels meaningful and rhymes with the individual’s own values, the driving force increases considerably.
In this building block, the focus is on: Do employees see the connection between what they do and the value it provides? Do you work actively to eliminate work that does not add value? Does the team get a chance to, concretely, see how their contribution makes a difference? Does the daily work give time for reflection?


All people want to perform and accomplish things.
In this building block, the focus is on: Do you highlight your successes? Do you make sure people know what is expected of them? Do you tell them what they do well and why? Do you help remove obstacles so that people can make progress every day? Can team members develop and grow in their roles?


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