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Flourish provides access to a research-based catalogue of questions containing over 100 different chats on focus areas covering the entire work environment. Our questions are based on both Swedish and international research and are devised with the assistance of top HR experts.

flourish leadership and commitment HR team
flourish leadership and commitment

Focus on the team

Flourish is more clearly focused on individual and team levels than other feedback and survey tools. Easy-to-use features for organisational overview are included in the software, but staff, the team and its leaders provide the starting point.

One of the reasons why we chose this approach was because surveys have shown clear trends towards a changing labour market, where decentralised organisational models with autonomous and independent teams are gaining ground.

Researchers also argue that teams often provide catalyst for organisational development, even in more traditional organisations. The team leader is a critical element in this, responding to environmental changes through agile management.

We believe in the collective power of individuals to bring about change. This philosophy permeates everything we do here at Flourish. From how our Focus Areas are structured to how we work with our clients on implementation. We believe that the time of both managers and staff is too precious to force them to use a tool from above that they never wanted. Instead, we work with organic onboarding at team level, where dedicated managers inevitably become ambassadors when they see the value that’s added by the tool.

Small gains help you make progress

As a leader, you might sometimes feel like you do nothing but focus on problems and deal with conflicts. Understanding the challenges faced by individual staff members and the team as a whole is a crucial element in any success, of course – but that said, it’s easy to forget about all the progress being made every single day!

At Flourish, we’ve embraced this and consider it to be one of the keys to building an efficient and dedicated team. The Flourish Chatbot adapts to the responses it receives and draws on positive psychology, thereby choosing to focus on, highlight and clarify the small gains if it sees the team is performing strongly in one particular area.

flourish leadership and commitment
flourish leadership and commitment


Flourish is a concept that emerged out of positive psychology, and is all about building up well-being and contentment both personally and at work.

Martin Seligman developed a model for achieving this balance of contentment in an extension of the concept of Flourish. He calls it P.E.R.M.A., and it consists of five building blocks. Each of these is crucial to well-being in the workplace. 

Much of the focus and structure in the enormous catalogue of Focus Areas, packaged together in convenient Flourish Chats, has been taken from this model, where all the building blocks are represented across a range of topics.

Positive emotions

People set themselves higher targets and challenge themselves more when they’re feeling happy and experiencing positive emotions.
This building block focuses on: How’s the atmosphere in your team? How do you give one another positive feedback? Are you actively making an effort to reduce stress factors? Is work distributed fairly in the team, and are your deadlines reasonable? Is there a sense of hope or optimism? Do you enjoy working together? Is the decision-making process transparent?


Commitment and flow are the key to performance and development. This building block focuses on: Do people have the opportunity to do what they do best? Do they have the chance to use their strengths and work in their “sweet spot”? Is anyone bored with their job? Do staff have the chance to focus on their work with few interruptions?


Time and time again, research has shown that inter-colleague relationships are crucial for a healthy team. This building block focuses on: Does your team work as a group, or as individuals? Do you care about one another? Do you explore opportunities for coaching or mentoring? Are you actively working to improve cooperation between different functions?


People’s impetus is significantly increased when their work seems significant and is inkeeping with their own values. 
This building block focuses on: Do staff perceive the link between what they do and the value it adds? Are you actively working to eliminate work that doesn’t add value? Does the team have the opportunity to see specifically how their contributions are making a difference? Does the day-to-day pace of work allow time for reflection?

Getting things done

Everybody wants to perform well and get things done. This building block focuses on: Do you highlight your team’s successes? Do you make sure people know what’s expected of them? Do you tell people what they’re doing well, and why? Do you help eliminate obstacles so that people can make progress every day? Can team members develop and grow in their roles?


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