10 tips – strengthen your virtual team remotely

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Teleworking is becoming an increasingly common part of people’s everyday lives and most of us work a lot in Teams, Slack or other platforms. These are tools that are constantly evolving right now and are updated with new apps and add-ons daily. Implementing and using this in our daily work can help us find new ways to strengthen teams at a distance. Below we have listed 10 different options for varying meetings and other communication with different digital tools.


  1. For longer meetings, it can be good to take breaks. Maybe try putting on a break movie with some office yoga?

Increase employee engagement

2. Involve employees in meetings by having a quiz related to the meeting, for example in Kahoot. The answers then appear on a large screen/split screen and the correct answer is presented.


Invite to a date in the Caribbean and add a beach as a wallpaper! Put on some nice beach music in the background, put on your sun hat and put an alcohol-free umbrella drink in your hand for best effect. NOTE, best suited for less serious meetings.

Activity competition

Motivate employees to move around by organizing a step competition, digital tipping round or photo competition on what you do during your break.

Digital kick-off

5. Take a virtual tour together. Travel to the Vatican, an aquarium or a haunted house? Take your time to research and see which are the best online tours available that would be interesting for your particular team.

The fridge game

6. Have all employees take a picture of what their refrigerator contains. Then all participants must write down whose refrigerator they think it is. Most points win. Here, too, you can take advantage of the Kahoot app.


7. Bring together employees who work remotely by focusing on the same subject or learning something new together.

Digital celebration

8. Celebrate anniversaries and birthdays by gift delivery to the home. The birthday song can, for example, be done via teams. Do not forget the importance of celebrating when you have reached a big goal and give the appreciation that is deserved to keep the motivation up.

Digital tour

Arrange a tour of your home for your colleagues, a la the cult series MTV Cribs.

Digital Team-building

10. Donut is a Slack app that randomly pairs two team members for a call every week (can also be done without Slack). This is an excellent activity that can be implemented throughout the company in order to get different teams to get to know each other. Prepare a list of fun questions that can break the ice with each conversation.

If you want to download the list, perhaps to print and put it on the fridge to keep the inspiration fresh in your mind, you can do it here!

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