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What is Flourish?

Flourish is the agile feedback tool that puts your team’s well-being and commitment in focus. Through ongoing dialogue in established channels, our chatbot collects actionable feedback from your employees.

With concrete insights about your team, you can strengthen your leadership and lay the foundation for joint success.

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Frequently asked questions & answers


Flourish can chat in the following channels:
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Basically, the most important thing is that the questions are relevant and current in the experience of the employee, who answers the questions. It is also important to actively talk about, and take action on, insights that have arisen. This is to increase the commitment of your employees, which also maintains or increases the response rate.

Our general recommendation is to send out a maximum of one Focus Area per week, and The pulse at most once a month, but preferably once a quarter.

No, Flourish works in existing communication channels that you already use, such as Teams or Messenger. This means that Flourish is where you are, and the employees do not have to be active on more platforms than they already are.

You can choose Flourish to chat in Swedish, English or Dutch. You choose which language Flourish will chat under Settings, when you are logged in to the portal. Please note that your entire team must chat in the same language, one individual employee can not chat in English and the rest in Swedish. This is because the feedback Flourish collects must be anonymous.

We always review development opportunities, this also applies to new languages. Contact us if you have special requests, this is important feedback for our product development.

When you get HR access to your account, you have the opportunity to see the entire organization’s inlaid teams, and can look at the measurements made within the organization. This is to create a greater overview and get a helicopter perspective on the organization’s well-being in the various issues that are measured.

Here too, employees remain completely anonymous, like a regular account.

It depends on which agreement you have signed with us at Flourish. Email us at hello@flourish.se and we will check your agreement, and what is included. If you have questions or problems with your personal start-up, you are still welcome to contact us, and we will do our utmost to help you.

You register an account just as usual, on our website Create Account. When you register the account, there is a box to check called Company Code. There you fill in your company’s unique code, which connects your account to the rest of the organization. You get Company Code from the responsible person at your company, if you do not know who it is, you can email us at hello@flourish.se, and we will help you get in touch with the right person in your organization.

Yes, when an employee has sent feedback to you as a manager, you receive it anonymously, and thus do not see who sent it. This appears under Feedback inside the platform, and you can reply to the anonymous employee. This may be if you have a question to develop the proposal that has been received, or if you did not fully understand what it says. It can also be about an employee who feels bad, and/or feels left out, who then gets an opportunity to first speak anonymously to you as a leader, where you start a dialogue.

Yes, under the Feedback category, there are three options at the top of the page. Chatbox, Archived and Action Plan.

Chatbox is where you get incoming free text suggestions, where you can also answer your employees’ suggestions in real-time. If a proposal feels extra good, that you want to prioritize, you can press the Add to Action Plan button, which leads that proposal to its own priority list.
You can use Archived to clean up the proposals so that you can more easily find those that are relevant now and in the future.

Flourish has over 100 pre-written questions, also called Focus Areas. It is important not to enter your own values, it is also important to have neutral questions. This is to create as credible and accurate a result as possible, based on employee feedback. We work together with leading HR experts, where we have conducted a scientific review of successful teams, and what is needed to succeed as a group.
The questions that are written are based on rigorous research, ie meta-analyses and systematic review of the scientific literature.

Want to read more about the research behind Flourish? Click here

Yes, frequently asked questions regarding customer support can be emailed to hello@flourish.se

For more advanced support, eg consultation, personal product reviews (eg in large groups), results from reviews and presentations for the management team.

Book a meeting, and we’ll tell you more!


Yes, if you have forgotten your password, you can do the following:

When you are on the home page, click on “Log in” in the upper right corner. Then click on “Click here” next to “Forgot your password?”. You will then receive a message to your email that is linked to your Flourish account. Click on the link in the message, and then you will have the option to pick a new password.

Alternatively click here

When you invite an employee to Flourish, the employee receives an SMS or email, which gives the person several choices to choose from. In this sms there are various links, which lead to Facebook Messenger, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Web browser. The employee then needs to copy a code that has been sent out in connection with the instructions. When the employee has clicked on the link that leads to where you want to chat with Flourish, you enter the code in the field, and then Flourish chatbot is integrated into the desired communication channel.

When this is done, it is free to send out questionnaires, and the employee answers these directly in the chat, on the desired platform.

Yes, you change this under Settings in the upper right corner, when you are logged in to the portal.

You choose which language Flourish will chat under Settings, when you are logged in to the portal. Please note that your entire team must chat in the same language, one individual employee can not chat in English and the rest in Swedish. This is because the feedback Flourish collects must be anonymous.

If you want to delete your account, you need to email us at hello@flourish.se and we will handle your case as quickly as possible.

If you want to remove employees from your team in Flourish, then go to My team then under the tab Team Members, you will see a list of your team. Then click on the trash can to the right of the name of the person to be removed from the team.

Measurement & feedback

Flourish Pulse are six questions that together measure the Pulse on your team’s efficiency and productivity. The questions are linked to leading research and meta-studies from successful teams. With this measurement in the back, you can dive deep with the help of our Focus Areas.

Focus Areas are narrow and specific questions that closely give you an understanding of how your team can develop for the better. Focus Areas also include the opportunity to contribute with concrete free text-based improvement proposals, which is invaluable for you as a manager. All in all, there are over 100 Focus Areas and Flourish will help you with recommendations on suitable questions for your particular team.

Metrics is the place in our platform, where you see and analyze the trend in the various areas in which Flourish collects feedback. We use NPS pedagogy, which is a theory from the USA.

When we present your statistics and metrics, it is shown either by -100 to +100, where + -0 is a neutral zone, and minus shows a negative emphasis and plus a positive emphasis. You can also choose to show it as 0-10, where we take the average value of your employees’ answers instead.

To find out more about how the measurement and NPS work  click here.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a research-based measurement method through which you can identify dissatisfied customers or employees. NPS started as a customer survey measure. Subsequently, the research team behind the theory added (1) eNPS (employee) to measure employee loyalty and (2) pNPS (product) to measure loyalty to the product. In the Flourish catalog of questions, both eNPS and pNPS are included.

To know more about NPS click here.

Yes, you can write your own questions in both Pulse and Focus Area. The questions we have finished are created based on research, so as not to weigh the recipient’s answers, and thus get as genuine answers as possible from the person who answers.

If there are special issues that you feel are needed in your team or organization, it is easy to create your own.

If you feel that certain categories of questions are missing, please feel free to contact us and leave requests, so we can take your feedback into account when we develop more Focus Areas.