Pulse surveys will make your business work proactively

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It's more important than ever to calibrate your business and to stay in touch with your employees. Worklife today is about speed and a pulse survey helps you build a workplace where you can turn insights into action and to work proactively.

The Flourish team have a great deal of experience in dealing with feedback solutions and employee surveys and have seen a constant change on the labour market. In the last few years, there has been an increased demand in systems which allow direct communication between manager/employee, and where feedback can be collected quickly. 

Pulse surveys, how do they work?

Flourish lets you check the "pulse" of your employees through frequent and short surveys. Pulse surveys can act as a substitute or an add-on to the annual survey, but Flourish gives the manager the option to choose exactly what questions he/she wishes to be answered depending on what he/she wants to know more about and what changes he/she wishes to see in the team.

What's Flourish?

Flourish is a chat-robot that communicates in a humanly way despite being an actual robot chatting to the employee. That's how Flourish simplifies feedback collection for managers and how it collects feedback from the team when it's needed the most. Another benefit of using a chatbot is that it can be used with a range of different chat apps and the employee can add Flourish in a chat app they're already using today whether it be Facebook Messenger, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

How does Flourish work?

When managers/employees start using Flourish a conversation starts between Flourish and employees. Flourish asks 2-3 quick questions to make it easy for the employee to reply. When the chat has ended, the manager sees this in his/her Chatbox and can reply to the employee instantaneously and say thanks for the feedback and write a personal reply. There's also an option to view history of previous employee replies. It's also possible to forward the feedback to HR or other managers to get going on the improvement work.


Flourish 30-day Free Trial

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Common Challenges as told by Our Customers

Figur man lila tröja brunt hår

“The annual employee survey is just a snapshot of a particular point in time - we need ongoing measurement”

Figur team leader kvinna

“It’s really difficult to get the improvement work going after an annual survey, as a manager I need system support or HR assistance”

Figur kvinna mörkt hår

"Those of us who are working for HR don't have time to check up on action plans connected to the employee survey. Sometimes we haven't had time to do them at all"

Figur man lila tröja mörkt hår skägg

“As a team leader I’d like to send my own pulse surveys and check up on team development"

Figur team leader man

"The Management demands that the HR Deparment turns opinions into behavioural changes, which can then be viewed as measurable business goals"

Figur kvinna mörkt hår

“My employees find e-mail surveys boring, I want to show them something new”

Figur kvinna

"Old-fashioned employee surveys create a victim mentality, like it's always somebody else's fault"

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