per employee/month
Invoice. 30 days' notice

Build effective teams and be a better leader with features such as

  • Pulse surveys - Unlimited amount
  • Use your own chat channel - Microsoft Teams, Slack or Messenger
  • Real-time results
  • Digital onboarding
  • Unique Chatbox Feature
  • Email and phone support




per employee/month
Invoice. 30 days' notice

Consult-setup 3000 EURO
(One-Time Investment)

Everything included in Essentials, plus:

  • Personalized walkthrough
    (Webinar 90 mins)
  • Six-month Report on Results
    (Webinar 90 mins)
  • Top Management Presentation
    (Webinar 90 mins)
  • Advanced KPI analysis
  • Prioritized Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Flourish is a chatbot that asks automated smart questions to your team members. Using these questions Flourish lets you, as a team leader, collect improvement ideas for how the team can be improved.

I realtid följer ni på HR-avdelningen centrala nyckeltal (eNPS m.fl.) och förser era chefer med ett verktyg som sätter fart på förbättringsarbetet. Flourish fungerar som ett komplement till medarbetarundersökningen eller kan ersätta den om ni hellre vill det.

This is Flourish's contribution to HR & Management:

  • Standard or Custom Pulse Questions, always based in research.
  • Insight into the teams' ongoing improvement work
  • Logics behind the reason for successful teams and their best practices.  

Flourish is self-taught and very easy to setup but if you want help with account setup and watch a product walkthrough then select the PRO price plan. This price plan is the perfect choice for the needs of an HR Department!  

Flourish works with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Facebook Messenger.

Yes! In the role of manager (and account admin) you can’t tell who has provided what suggestion in the Chatbox. Except if you’re able to recognize a turn of phrase of one of your employees, or if the employee types in his/her name in the chat.

Yes it does! If you select either English or Swedish in Settings. Please note that your entire team has to chat in the same language, it’s not possible for one of your employees to chat in English and the others in Swedish. This is because the feedback that Flourish collects is meant to be anonymous.

It depends on what kind of team you’re in charge of, and what work phase your team is in. However, we recommend that your schedule Package Flourish Pulse for once a month as well as Package Teamwork for every other month. Other than that we recommend that you try as you go and pick packages that suit your needs. 

It's super-easy. You, as a manager, invite your employees to Flourish via a text message generated by our system.