Frequently Asked Questions

Flourish is a chatbot that asks automated smart questions to your team members. Using these questions Flourish lets you, as a team leader, collect improvement ideas for how the team can be improved.

Our introduction video gives you a nice and quick insight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URub9JhR0Ak&t=17s

Flourish is self-taught and very easy to get started with but if you need help to setup your account and get a personalized product walkthrough then select price plan PRO. As you can see it includes other personalized walkthroughs as well. This price plan suits the needs of an HR Department perfectly! 

Flourish is available in:

Facebook Messenger – https://m.me/flourish-bot
Slack – https://dashboard.flourish.se/slack
Microsoft Teams – contact us

In the role of team leader you can invite your employees to Flourish via text message, which you generate in My Team

It depends on what kind of team you’re in charge of, and what work phase your team is in. However, we recommend that your schedule Package Flourish Pulse for once a month as well as Package Teamwork for every other month. Other than that we recommend that you try as you go and pick packages that suit your needs.

Yes! In the role of manager (and account admin) you can’t tell who has provided what suggestion in the Chatbox. Except if you’re able to recognize a turn of phrase of one of your employees, or if the employee types in his/her name in the chat.

Yes! If you select either English or Swedish in Settings. Please note that your entire team has to chat in the same language, it’s not possible for one of your employees to chat in English and the others in Swedish. This is because the feedback that Flourish collects is meant to be anonymous.

Yes you can! This is something you can change in Settings.

Metrics is the place where you find statistics and where you can analyze trends from the wide range of areas where Flourish collects its feedback. We adhere to the theory of NPS - a theory from the USA. Read more about NPS here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URub9JhR0Ak&t=17s

Contact Support

I have questions regarding my account and/or payment
Contact marten@flourish.se and our CEO Mårten will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I have questions regarding the chatbot and/or need technical support
Contact fl@flourish.se and our IT department will get in touch with you as soon as possible.